If you owe more on your property than what it is currently worth, or what the market will pay, you can avoid a foreclosure by executing a Short Sale. There is no upfront cost to you to conduct a Short Sale and a Short Sale can relieve you of the financial and emotional ramifications of a foreclosure.

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The Home Relievers Can Help You Navigate Through Each Step With the Support of Our Experts at No Upfront Cost to You.


There are specific requirements a Homeowner must meet... Read More


Our experts will leave no stone unturned to make sure you get the best offer for your property.


Our team will negotiate tirelessly to ensure that the Lender agrees to the sale of the property and help relieve you of your mortgage debt.


There are many advantages to a Short Sale. For example, you can avoid foreclosure and be released from your mortgage debt. According to Quicken Loans, your credit score can recover quickly with a Short Sale rather than a Foreclosure, and in a Short Sale, closing fees are paid by the lender rather than the homeowner. You can also remain in your house while the Short Sale process is pending (you will have to move out once the Short Sale has been approved) and use this time to solidify future living arrangements. The Home Relievers will provide you with these benefits and more by doing the following: veniam.

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1. We Will Appoint A Dedicated Expert On Your Case

Keeping our commitment to excellence, and understanding that this can be a difficult time for Homeowners, you will have access to a ... Read More

2. We Will Connect You With Our Network Of Realtors

We have an exclusive network of realtors, and will work with them to secure a sales price for your home that is needed to successfully complete the Short Sale process... Read More

3. We Will Collect and Submit a Comprehensive Short Sale Package

We understand it can be hard to know what documents are required in order to relieve yourself from mortgage debt, and Short Sales can be paperwork-intensive transactions ... Read More

4. We Will Negotiate With Your Lender

All Short Sales have to be Lender approved before they can be finalized. Our goal is to make sure, that you are relieved of your mortgage financial liability... Read More

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Short Sale?

According to, the term short sale in real estate refers to a sale that takes place when a financially distressed homeowner sells their property for less than the balance remaining on the mortgage. For example, a person may end up selling their house for $100,000 when there is still $150,000 remaining on the mortgage.

What are the benefits of a Short Sale vs. Foreclosure?

According to, “a homeowner who has gone through a short sale may, with certain restrictions, be eligible to purchase another home immediately. Depending on the circumstances, homeowners who experience foreclosure can expect to wait two to seven years to purchase another home. A foreclosure is kept on a person’s credit report for seven years (whereas) short sales are not as detrimental to a homeowner’s credit rating as a foreclosure.”

What if I don’t qualify for a Short Sale?

After the initial free consultation, if we identify that you are not qualified for a Short Sale, our expert will discuss other options with you to avoid a foreclosure. Things such as Forebearance programs, and Mortgage modifications are also available to you as the homeowner, but they have specific requirements. The Home Relievers team is very transparent as to what the best option for the homeowner is, as we want what is best for you.

Will I have to pay The Home Relievers for their services?

The best part about our services is there is no upfront cost for our services! And if we cannot successfully guide you through the short sale process, there will be no costs for services rendered.

Will I owe any debt after the Short Sale?

The Home Relievers team will negotiate with your Lender(s) and make sure your mortgage debt is settled after the Short Sale.

Will I get any money from the Short Sale?

Some banks do offer a one-time relocation assistance for homeowners that execute a Short Sale, and that is a key part of the negotiations that we will conduct with your Lender during the Short Sale process.

Do I have to pay Taxes on a Short Sale?

Forgiveness of loan can be treated as income by the IRS for Federal tax purposes, but there are exemptions where the homeowner can be relieved from any tax liability from the sale of an asset. Furthermore according to , “with the extension of the provisions of the Mortgage Forgiveness Tax Relief Act through 2025, canceled debts on a short sale will most likely not be considered taxable income. You should consult a tax professional for any potential taxation implications.”

Can I stay in my house while the Short Sale is pending?

Absolutely! You can stay in your house while the Short Sale process is underway, and this will give you time to safeguard your future living arrangement. However, during the Short Sale process, you will want to actively start looking for new living arrangements. Once the Short Sale has been approved by your Lender and completed, you will have to vacate the respective property.

How long does the Short Sale process take?

It depends on many factors and is different for each individual short sale. However, once we have assessed your situation after our initial consultation, we will be able to give you a better time-frame of how long the process could take for your property. Our business-model and commitment to excellence, takes pride in completing a Short Sale as quickly as we possibly can. On average, a Short Sale takes 3-6 months to complete.

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